Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lhasa

In the center of the breathtaking Tibetan Plateau sits Lhasa; a city blessed with all the mystery, spirituality and majesty of an ancient tale. Whether you traverse its resplendent landscape, reflect on ancient philosophies or spend your time seeking out a new favorite dish, Lhasa will provide you with a remarkable experience.

Lhasa Opens your Mind

Spirituality, religion and philosophy are interwoven into the very fabric of the city; both literally, in the prayer flags draped across temples and figuratively, in their deep roots in the local culture.

Find your spiritual path in Lhasa by joining pilgrims, present and past, on the Barkhor Street Pilgrimage route; stopping to engage in debate with nuns and philosophize with Buddhist monks. Arrive at the golden Jokhang Temple, revered as the most sacred place in Tibet, or find yourself at the infamous Potala Palace.

Taste Tibet in Lhasa

Experience a sensory feast at one of Lhasa’s night markets. The largest, Tianhai Night Market will introduce you to some of the more adventurous local delicacies. Expect to find yak’s blood, the local staple food ‘Tsampa’ and filled ‘Momo.’

Barkhor Street also transforms from pilgrimage route to night market and is buzzing with activity until the early hours. This is the ideal spot to pick up trinkets and handicrafts to take home.

Journey Back in Time in Lhasa

Lhasa is an ancient city so it’s fitting that it’s home to an abundance of Neolithic artifacts.

Celebrate Lhasa’s Culture

As you weave your way through the night markets, you’ll be drawn in all directions by beautiful traditional clothing and the sounds of ethereal music coming from shops and stalls; don’t let your acquaintance with Tibetan music end here.

Add some more excitement to your journey with a visit to the Langma Opera Halls and take in a show of music, singing, poetry and dance once reserved for only the elite.

Or, if you’re more interested in learning about Tibet’s rural way of life, your WildChina guide can arrange a visit to a local village home. Here you’ll be served sweets, snacks, butter tea, and barley wine. Your guide will introduce you to the Tibetan daily routine and teach you why Tibetan houses are roofed with yak dung.

Embark on an Adventure around Lhasa

It’s virtually impossible to contemplate Tibet without mental images of majestic mountains and glaciers decorated with colorful prayer flags dancing in the wind. Lhasa is the perfect entry point to the Himalayas with some of it’s most popular as well as challenging trails choosing this elevated city as their base camp.

No matter your hiking experience, there’s a trail that will suit you, and if you prefer a slower pace there are many stationary vantage points for picturesque views.

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